Tyler the Creator – First Avenue 06/07

Tyler the Creator – First Avenue 06/07

I Survived a Tyler, the Creator Concert (…Almost)
By: Elli Dubanoski

On Tuesday, June 7th, I found myself waiting in the long line for the sold out Tyler, the Creator concert, ticket in hand. It was a purchase I had made due to the combination of the insistence of a friend and nostalgia for my not-so-rebellious rap filled high school years. Coming from a strict family, my high school years never got that much more defiant than when I used to hide rap CDs throughout my room from my parents.

When buying the ticket, I unfortunately failed to notice the show was “All Ages”. I think it’s fair to say that Tyler’s fans tend to be a very passionate group so I wasn’t looking forward to these traits being embodied in high schoolers and preteens.

Tyler, the Creator’s stage presence is best described as unexpectedly expected. He’s known for his crazy, larger-than-life personality that I had assumed was slightly exaggerated. But Tyler, the Creator is 100% everything you expect him to be and, seeing him in person, it isn’t hard to see why his concert was so popular. His intriguing personality and goofy demeanor make him charismatic. He performed his most popular songs from Cherry Bomb and Wolf, as well as older tracks such as “She” and “Yonkers”

After spending most of the concert being violently shoved around, coated in the stench of sweaty teenagers (surprisingly worse than it sounds), and acquiring bruises that I would find the next day, I was ready for the concert to end. By the time the last song was being performed, a combination of a lack of food and oxygen, smoke inhalation, and exhaustion had gotten the better of my friend and me who both ended up vomiting.

Although seeing Tyler, the Creator made me become physically ill after drowning in a crowd of excitable teenagers who exhibited an excessive amount of unsupervised craziness (except for the one boy who brought his dad), I’m still happy I went. Afterwards, still in a daze, I stated, “I would never be the same again.” I’m glad the post-Tyler, the Creator concert version of myself doesn’t make any major life decisions.

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