Slotface – “Try Not To Freak Out”

Slotface – “Try Not To Freak Out”

By: Ryan Smith

Norwegian based pop-punk band, Sløtface deliver their debut LP Try Not To Freak Out, with just about everything you could want from a 2017 pop-punk album. Warm reverb, a strong bassline, guitars with a comfortable edge to em and, smooth vocals with a solid range delivering personal lyrics about dating and early adulthood Try Not To Freak Out offers you nothing you haven’t heard before but instead really focuses on its common sound to realize its strengths. I don’t know that I’d say this is an essential listen for anyone looking to keep up with 2017 but if you’re a fan of pop-punk at all I can definitely recommend giving it a listen, all the songs are strong listens (particularly Slumber, it’s the most interesting song on the album to me because it draws inspiration from post rock/emo in its structure) and the instrumentation is strong, varied and well produced. If I had any criticism for the album it’d be that it doesn’t really grip me enough to make itself distinct from the figurative bassline that it’s genre expects of it but there’s really nothing bad I can say about this album as a standalone project, its solid in all aspects and I’ll be giving it further listens while looking forward to what Sløtface come out with next.

For fans of:
Paramore, Wavves, Best Coast, DIIV or Wolf Alice
If you enjoy check out:
Sunflower Bean, The Smith Street Band, The Spirit of the Beehive

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